Mental Health as an Indicator of Your Relationship with God?

Some students recently asked: Does having anxiety/depression mean that you are not good with God? Very unlikely. First, if the answer were “yes,” this would mean that mental health is only a spiritual issue, which it is not. Rather, our mental health is shaped by “a complex interplay of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors” […]

God, Violence, and War in the Old Testament

The majority of Christians have no problem with most of the Old Testament—Psalm 23 is a favorite for many—but the violence in the Old Testament (=OT) causes concern for both Christians and non-Christians who read the Bible. The problem is not just that violence and war are prominent in some OT books, but that God is often […]

Theology in Worship and Music: Please Think About What We Sing

Some people think of theology as dry. However, theology is found in anything that expresses our ideas of God and all things in relation to God. Hence, theology is found not only in textbooks—it is also found in places like art and music. With respect to worship and music specifically, it is important for us […]

God, the Trinity

This evening I’m doing a presentation on the Trinity at a local church. I’m posting the notes here for those who would like to have them. Download the notes here:  God, the Trinity. Outline for the talk: Why Does it Matter? Recognizing the “Trinity” Questions For those who might like to read further, see here.

Was the God Silent between the OT and NT?

Did the Spirit leave Israel after the last Old Testament prophets; Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi? Did prophecy cease in Israel until the coming of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ? Was God silent for hundreds of years? No. For most of the 1900’s, scholars (and hence pastors’ popular teaching) have followed Hermann Gunkel’s conclusion (from […]

Problem of Evil

To say there is ‘senseless’ evil presumes you have a basis to say it is senseless. However, saying something is ‘senseless’ just means you can’t make sense of it. That is, it means that you can’t figure out why God would allow it. However, calling some evil ‘senseless’ doesn’t prove there is no reason (just that […]