Spiritual Warfare, Demons, and Evil

spiritual warfare, demons and evil

This post is part of a periodic series on “Current Pentecostal Scholarship.” In today’s video, I interview Dr. E. Janet Warren about various biblical depictions of how we encounter evil and what implications these have for Christian life as well as for pastors and counselors.  You might also be interested in these posts: Demons Have No […]

“Happy Holidays” Points to the Meaning of Life

Christmas meaning of life

People around here love Christmas. Well maybe not the grumpy local atheist who argues that the city should take “Merry Christmas” off of the city buses. But I suspect that even he likes the “Happy Holidays.” Regardless of how we refer to the season, I think people love the holidays because Christmas gets to the meaning of life and, for at least a short time, it gives […]

Christ, the Spirit, and the Divine Attributes: Pentecostals and Karl Barth on (Im)passibility and (Im)mutability

Karl Barth Divine Attributes

This is a video of a presentation Dr. Andrew K. Gabriel delivered at the Evangelical Theological Society. This presentation and others from the same session will eventually appear in a book with the title “Karl Barth and Pentecostal Theology: A Convergence of the Word and the Spirit,” co-edited by Frank D. Macchia, Terry L. Cross, and […]