Christ, the Spirit, and the Divine Attributes: Pentecostals and Karl Barth on (Im)passibility and (Im)mutability

Karl Barth Divine Attributes

This is a video of a presentation Dr. Andrew K. Gabriel delivered at the Evangelical Theological Society. This presentation and others from the same session will eventually appear in a book with the title “Karl Barth and Pentecostal Theology: A Convergence of the Word and the Spirit,” co-edited by Frank D. Macchia, Terry L. Cross, and […]

10 Bible Verses You Can Legitimately Declare Over Your Life

declare bible truths

In a previous post I wrote that Christians should not be declaring and decreeing things over their lives. While I did give some specific examples of the types of declarations I had in mind, some people responded to me rightly noting that there are some cases where Christians can legitimately declare certain biblical truths over their lives. I agree. I am, nevertheless, concerned that […]

The Holy Spirit and Leadership: 7 Biblical and Theological Observations

Holy Spirit leadership

A couple weeks ago I was a guest lecturer for a course on the Holy Spirit at Carey Graduate School in Auckland, New Zealand. The professor had invited me to share on the topic of the Holy Spirit and Leadership. But if you’ve read many books on the Holy Spirit, you will know that they don’t include chapters on leadership.

Should Christians Declare or Decree Things over Their Lives?

Declare Decree over life

There is a growing trend among evangelical Christians where some feel they should declare or decree things over their lives. This is particularly true among those who are influenced by the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement and, more specifically, the prosperity gospel. For example, one prominent independent Pentecostal preacher encourages the readers of his bestselling book to declare […]

Everything Happens for a Reason…and Other Lies I’ve Loved

Review of a book by Kate Bowler

Do we always get what we want in life? Do we get to choose the length of our days? Kate Bowler is a wife, mom, friend, daughter, author, professor, and recent recipient of the news she has incurable Stage IV cancer. In her book Everything Happens for a Reason, she reminds us that we don’t. And it’s not because God doesn’t care […]

Which book cover do you like best?

I was a little surprised yesterday when the publisher for my next book sent me 12 different options for my book cover. I thought they might send me a few options. By contrast, when I’ve published academic books, I’ve had no input into the book cover. I’ve narrowed down the options to 6, but I would love to hear which cover you like best.