Book Publisher Announcement: Touched by God

Holy Spirit

After a long wait, my book Touched by God: Experiencing the Holy Spirit has found a publishing home. I signed a contract with HarperCollins to publish the book with Emanate Books, a new imprint from Thomas Nelson (a division of HarperCollins). I submitted my manuscript earlier this month, and the book is tentatively scheduled to […]

God’s Love is not Reckless, Contrary to What You Might Sing

An Evaluation of "Reckless Love" from Bethel Music

reckless love bethel

A student recently knocked on my door, walked into my office, and sat down on my couch. He asked, “Is God’s love reckless? He was inquiring about a song from Bethel Music called “Reckless Love.” His concern with the song no doubt ruined his worship experience the first time he heard it. Buy, hey. Our concern in worship shouldn’t only be about […]

How are Canadian Pentecostal Clergy Changing?

Together with Dr. Adam Stewart (Crandall University) and Kevin Shanahan (Environics Research), I recently published a journal article called “Changes in Clergy Belief and Practice in Canada’s Largest Pentecostal Denomination.” You can download the article here. Most readers will be most interested in the second part of the article, which discusses overall changes over the […]

Spirit Baptism in Current Pentecostal Theology: Part 2 – Amos Yong

Spirit baptism Amos yong

Contemporary Pentecostal systematic theologians are discussing Spirit baptism in ways that include, but go beyond, traditional Pentecostal emphases. Amos Yong, who holds ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God (USA), is arguably the most prolific Pentecostal theologian today.

Shouldn’t Faith Always Result in Healing?

(Including a list of some books on a theology of suffering)

faith healing suffering

Some people argue that “the New Testament always shows healing and never shows someone asking for healing and leaving still sick.” The Bible, however, includes examples of people who were not healed. Paul himself was not always healed. Paul himself was not always healed. He reminds the Galatians that “it was because of an illness […]