3 Reasons to Fast

Moving to a Selfless Understanding of Fasting


Much of our understanding of fasting is based on tradition (namely – we fast to gain some benefit, like an answered prayer). The selfless biblical understanding of fasting, however, seems to be completely lost. I don’t know for sure, but perhaps we’re in this position, at least in part, because we seem to ignore this act of piety […]

The Main Thing that Concerns Me about Joel Osteen’s Theology

Joel Osteen declare

I recognize that Joel Osteen is a great communicator (even Forbes does), and there are numerous things I appreciate about him and his ministry. Nevertheless, there is a repetitive theme in his ministry that I find troubling. And it is particularly troubling given the millions of people who listen to his sermons and assume that […]

Finding the Holy Spirit in Marriage

The Secret Sauce of Spirit-Empowered Marriage

After nearly forty years of marriage to my sweet bride, it occurs to me that part of our secret is our uniqueness. You might say our secret sauce is the weirdness we bring to the relationship. Those things that once drove me crazy about her (though they still mildly irritate me at times!) are fond […]

Mental Health as an Indicator of Your Relationship with God?

Mental Health God

Does having anxiety/depression mean that you are not good with God? (asked by a student) Very unlikely. First, if the answer were “yes,” this would mean that mental health is only a spiritual issue, which it is not. Rather, our mental health is shaped by “a complex interplay of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors” […]

Foundational Discipleship Questions

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Do I have disciples? Can I disciple someone? Or is it all about Jesus Christ? These are some foundational questions I asked myself recently about discipleship. In answering my questions I observed: 1/ When referring to Christians as “disciples,” the NT never uses the term “disciple” in reference to anyone other than Jesus Christ. You […]