Spirit Baptism in Current Pentecostal Theology: Part 2 – Amos Yong

Spirit baptism Amos yong

Contemporary Pentecostal systematic theologians are discussing Spirit baptism in ways that include, but go beyond, traditional Pentecostal emphases. Amos Yong, who holds ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God (USA), is arguably the most prolific Pentecostal theologian today.

How Some Pentecostals Misrepresent Their Global Size

And the Truth about How Many Pentecostals there are in the World

World Pentecostals

At times I have heard Pentecostal Christians triumphantly declare that Pentecostalism now consists of over 600 million people in the world. I assume they have the good intention of encouraging those Pentecostals who are listening. I sometimes worry, though, that they are implying that the large and growing number of Pentecostals in the world implies […]

Should Pentecostals talk about the Spirit on Pentecost Sunday?

Pentecost Sunday is coming soon. Did you even know? If you are Pentecostal, probably not. Yet, I have heard some Pentecostals complain when their pastor hasn’t mentioned Pentecost on Pentecost Sunday. Is this a problem? Not Liturgical Most Pentecostal churches I know aren’t liturgical. The closest they come to following the liturgical calendar is celebrating Christmas and Easter. […]

History of the PAOC Statement of Faith

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) is in a process of reviewing and refreshing its Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths (SOFET). You can find a copy of the most recent, 2014, statement here. The PAOC’s SOFET has seen many changes. Some of these changes reflect reaffirmations of previous beliefs, while some reflect changing beliefs […]

3 Ways People Misunderstand Tongues as “Initial Evidence” of Spirit Baptism

Classical Pentecostals typically affirm that “the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.”[1] I frequently encounter Christians, including those from Pentecostal churches, who misunderstand the intent of the “initial evidence” doctrine. Some people object to the initial evidence doctrine by saying that there […]

PAOC Clergy on Tongues and Spirit Baptism: Changing Views

Yesterday I had a journal article published: “Changing Conceptions of Speaking in Tongues and Spirit Baptism Among Canadian Pentecostal Clergy,” with Adam Stewart and Kevin Shanahan. Canadian Journal of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity 7 (2016): 1-24. In the same volume, you can find responses to my article from PAOC General Superintendent David Wells, Randy Holm, and Van Johnson, […]

Review: The New Pentecostal Message? An Introduction to the Prosperity Movement

Lewis Brogdon has produced an excellent work on the prosperity movement, offering more nuance to his evaluation of the movement than most, in that he is both critical and appreciative of the movement. First, Brogdon challenges the common historical narrative that the prosperity movement has its roots in New Thought metaphysics and Christian Science, and […]

Reflections on the PAOC book, “NEXUS: Where Theology and Mission Meet”

In December 2015 the PAOC released another small book. Overall, I was encouraged by the key theme running through this book—theology and mission must and do meet. However, I will focus here on some specific points that stuck with me. Pentecostals and Experience There is no doubt that at the core of Pentecostalism are experiences […]