God, the Trinity

downloadThis evening I’m doing a presentation on the Trinity at a local church. I’m posting the notes here for those who would like to have them.

Download the notes here:  God, the Trinity.

Outline for the talk:

  • Why Does it Matter?
  • Recognizing the “Trinity”
  • Questions

For those who might like to read further, see here.

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2 thoughts on “God, the Trinity

  1. It matters that people do not what is wrong with the triune God because there is only One god which we should adore. By making Jesus the Divine Creator God we nullify his action of following only God His Will (and not his will) and finding death on the stake, because God can not die and would have fake all those things Jesus did and said, plus making a liar of Jesus and of God, because what they said is made not true by those who believe in the “Holy Trinity”.

    Response from Andrew: Thank you for stopping by my blog. As I am sure you are aware, your view contrasts with how Christians have historically interpreted the Bible. As a result, you are no doubt aware that Christadelphianism is considered a cult by many people: http://carm.org/christadelphianism