Mental Health as an Indicator of Your Relationship with God?

Some students recently asked:

Does having anxiety/depression mean that you are not good with God?

Very unlikely.

First, if the answer were “yes,” this would mean that mental health is only a spiritual issue, which it is not. Rather, our mental health is shaped by “a complex interplay of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors” (see here). Moreover, ALL our health is shaped by these same factors. Take note that this list of factors includes genetics and biology, which are physical issues.

Just as my need for glasses is genetic, my mental health is (at least in part) shaped by genetics; hence, neither my glasses nor my mental health serve well as indicators of my relationship with God. Furthermore, just as glasses help my eyes, in many cases, medication can help our minds.

At the same time, I imagine that if you stopped praying (for example), your mental health could, potentially, but certainly not necessarily, decline. It is not a one-to-one relationship though. More prayer ≠ better mental health.

Second, how do you get “good with God” anyway? Enjoy my friends from Blimey Cow as they address this theological question with humour!

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