Online Course: “Pentecostalism and the Church in Canada”

My course, “Pentecostalism and the Church in Canada” will be running online from Jan-May. Feel free to share the video around:   Course Description This course provides an overview of the history of Pentecostalism, including the historical antecedents of Pentecostalism, the early growth of Pentecostalism in North America, and global developments in Pentecostalism. The course […]

Horizon College and SEMINARY: Regarding PAOC Graduate Training

As the name indicates, Horizon College and “Seminary” (PAOC school in Saskatoon) offers seminary courses towards a graduate degree. I mention this because we are often overlooked and forgotten even in PAOC circles. In fact, Horizon was the first PAOC school to have a partnership with a Seminary, starting way back in the 1960’s in […]

Popular Pentecostal-Charismatic Thinking

My next major writing project is a book on popular Pentecostal-Charismatic thinking. Some of the topics I plan to cover include: “the annointing,” what is faith, praying in tongues, what does it mean to be spiritual, the prosperity Gospel, what does it mean to pray “in Jesus name.” Does anyone have any other ideas of […]