Horizon College and SEMINARY: Regarding PAOC Graduate Training

As the name indicates, Horizon College and “Seminary” (PAOC school in Saskatoon) offers seminary courses towards a graduate degree. I mention this because we are often overlooked and forgotten even in PAOC circles.

In fact, Horizon was the first PAOC school to have a partnership with a Seminary, starting way back in the 1960’s in partnership with Lutheran Theological Seminary. In 1968 Ron Kydd was the first person to receive his MDiv through our partnership with LTS (he studied here before UMan). By 1974 (and for at least a decade) we had at least one student a year graduating with an MDiv through this partnership. By the 1980s we were functioning with distinct graduate level syllabi. We still have the partnership with LTS and since 2007 we have also offered graduate courses towards an MA or MDiv in Pentecostal Studies with Providence Theological Seminary.

Click here for a list of our seminary programs in partnership with Providence.

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