PAOC Clergy on Tongues and Spirit Baptism: Changing Views

Yesterday I had a journal article published: “Changing Conceptions of Speaking in Tongues and Spirit Baptism Among Canadian Pentecostal Clergy,” with Adam Stewart and Kevin Shanahan. Canadian Journal of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity 7 (2016): 1-24. In the same volume, you can find responses to my article from PAOC General Superintendent David Wells, Randy Holm, and Van Johnson, […]

Update: Recent Publication Available Online

Update to my previous post. The following publication is now available to read online at googlebooks (it’s free!). Andrew Gabriel. “Pneumatological Insights for the Attributes of the Divine Loving,” in Third Article Theology: A Pneumatological Dogmatics, edited by Myk Habets, 39-53. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Academic, 2016.

You Don’t Have to Say Something to Become a Christian

  “What do I need to do to become a Christian?” I asked my theology class this question today. Thankfully, no one said “invite Jesus into your heart.” Nevertheless, I was struck that their answers largely assumed that Christians have to say something to be saved—for example, say a prayer where you confess your sin, […]

Mental Health as an Indicator of Your Relationship with God?

Some students recently asked: Does having anxiety/depression mean that you are not good with God? Very unlikely. First, if the answer were “yes,” this would mean that mental health is only a spiritual issue, which it is not. Rather, our mental health is shaped by “a complex interplay of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors” […]

My Two New Publications on the Holy Spirit

Yesterday I received my copy of Third Article Theology: A Pneumatological Dogmatics (Fortress Academic, 2016), edited by Myk Habets. The book is filled with essays by authors from a variety of Christian denominations, including a handful of Pentecostals, that engage all areas of systematic theology from the perspective of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit […]

Why Evangelical Arminian Christianity?

Over the summer Roger Olson has posted a 10-part blog series called, “Why I am an ‘Evangelical Arminian Christian.” Among many other books, Olson is the author of: Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities (IVP Academic, 2006) Against Calvinism (Zondervan, 2011) Olson’s 10-part series begins with 6 principles (see the first one here), then in posts 7-10 […]

What Jesus Says about GREAT FAITH

Back in April I posted a blog entry called, “Why are Some People Not Healed?” In it I wrote: “God does respond to faith (Matt 9:22), but the amount of faith a person has does not have anything to do with whether or not the person is healed, as least not for Christians. No level of faith assures […]

Review: The New Pentecostal Message? An Introduction to the Prosperity Movement

Lewis Brogdon has produced an excellent work on the prosperity movement, offering more nuance to his evaluation of the movement than most, in that he is both critical and appreciative of the movement. First, Brogdon challenges the common historical narrative that the prosperity movement has its roots in New Thought metaphysics and Christian Science, and […]

On Training Competent Pastors: A Professor’s Perspective

Many pastors in North America have complained that the college or seminary that they attended didn’t adequately prepare them for the realities of pastoral ministry—when they graduated, they didn’t feel competent for all aspects of the “job.” Hence, last year, Horizon College & Seminary (where I teach!) made a significant change from time-based education (i.e., […]

Why are Some People NOT Healed?

Why do some people get healed immediately after prayer, but others never get healed, even after praying for a long time? The short answer is, we don’t know why God chooses to heal some, but not others—at least not for each individual case. Hence, I’m hesitant to ever answer the question beyond this. While there […]