The Fourth Blood Moon Happens this Sunday (Sept 27, 2015)!

blood-moonIf you run in charismatic circles to any extent, you’ve probably heard that something “big” is going to happen this fall, because the last of the “four blood moons” will take place. And I’m here to tell you, something BIG will take place.

First, a few important observations about the “prophecy” and the Bible:

  1. What is “something big?” Such “prophecy” is so vague that almost anything can be taken to fulfill the prophecy. It seems to me that prophecy in scripture isn’t so vague.
  2. Biblical prophecy is most frequently concerned with telling people to repent (turn from sin to God), and actually not that often about foretelling the future.
  3. There are only three passages in the Bible that speak of the “moon turned blood red” (Revelation 6:12 and Joel 2:31, later quoted in Acts 2:19), but there are many other signs that are supposed to occur together with that one sign.
  4. No biblical prophecy talks about four blood moons or links blood moons to Jewish festivals (see further below).

Now for a few important observations about the “four blood moons:”

  1. Total lunar eclipses—aka Blood moonsare common and tetrads (four blood moons) can happen many times each century.
  2. The four blood moons taking place now are supposedly special because they coincide with two historic Jewish festivals. And yet, the Jews follow a lunar calendar; hence, the Jewish feasts have to coincide with lunar eclipses (even four of them) now and then. It has happened before (apparently 8 times in the last two millenniums) and the apocalypse hasn’t come. I see no reason to think it will this Sunday either.
  3. Most importantly, 3 of 4 of the current blood moons will not be visible from Israel. If these four blood moons are so important, it would seem odd that God is most concerned with people in North America seeing them—especially since the Jewish festivals are related to Israel, not North America.

Nevertheless, something BIG will take place this weekend. During this lunar eclipse the moon will appear particularly LARGE. Don’t miss the blood moon this Sunday (Sept 27). You can read more about it here, on the Weather Network’s web page (read below the video), including when it will take place in your time zone.

To conclude, I almost wish I wrote a book about the four blood moons.

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6 thoughts on “The Fourth Blood Moon Happens this Sunday (Sept 27, 2015)!

  1. Great truth, common sense and entertainment value. Loved it so much I even read it out loud. That is a sure sign that something “Big” is happening. See you on Monday! Maybe.

  2. So how long can nation(s) murder babies in the womb and legislate immorality and continue with business as usual. The tribulation is occurring across the globe where Christians are being tortured and slaughtered ! It is no rare incident anymore! Beware of saying blessing and prosperity when tribulations are at your left and your right.