‘Pentecostal/Evangelical’ Bible Commentaries

commentariesI recently had an e-mail asking, “could you please recommend a good ‘Pentecostal/Evangelical’ commentary.” I thought my response would be worth posting here.

Most commentary series include a mix of scholars, some evangelical and some not. However, here are a few that immediately come to mind and that I am pretty sure include all evangelical scholars:

  1. the NIV Application Commentary series- it covers the original meaning as well as application for every section, which is quite helpful. The only drawback is that with all of the focus on application, it sometimes doesn’t go as in-depth in the original meaning section as I would like. I still really like it though.
  2. the Baker Exegetical Commentary series- pretty in-depth.
  3. Tyndale New Testament Commentaries (and OT series as well)- not quite as in-depth, but still really helpful.
  4. Pillar Commentary Series- I haven’t used it much, but I think it is probably closer to the Tyndale series in depth.

Keep in mind that evangelicalism includes a wide range of beliefs, so there will certainly be much diversity in how the above commentaries will interpret various passages. Also, as with any series, some volumes are better than others.

As for Pentecostal commentaries:

  1. The “Pentecostal Commentary Series” (Deo Publishing). However, it is very new; only 4 volumes have been published so far, so most biblical books have not yet been commented on in the series.
  2. The Spirit-filled Life New Testament Commentary Series. It is not that in-depth and meant to be an easy read. Obviously it is only on the NT. It is edited by Jack Hayford.

I’m not as familiar with one-volume commentaries, because I don’t use them much (they tend not to be very in-depth, so they are generally not too useful for the purposes of in-depth study/preaching). However, on my shelf I do have the IVP Bible Background Commentary on the OT and the NT (as the name infers, its sole purpose it to comment on the background to the text, so it does not comment on all things).

There is a one-volume Pentecostal Commentary on the NT called Full Life Bible Commentary to the New Testament, but none on the OT that I know of. They do have a Full-life Study Bible, though, that covers the whole of the Bible.

But, I haven’t been buying as many commentaries these days now that we have Google Books. Generally if I search for a  commentary on a book, I can find many helpful ones for free via Google Books and they often have up to 75% free access. I won’t always be able to read the section in the book that I want to, but since there are so many commentaries out there, I will generally still be able to find what I’m looking for in a number of commentaries.

Here are some useful links to free online commentaries (mostly via Google books):

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5 thoughts on “‘Pentecostal/Evangelical’ Bible Commentaries

  1. well dear, but you haven’t recommended any commentary as totally suitable! Any precious commentary/commentaries as such that you would like to encourage to be worthy…!

    • It absolutely depends on what you are looking for (for example, short, long, Greek text, English only).

      I guess I would recommend the NIV Application commentary series as well as the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries.

    • Mike, I don’t know where you are getting that information about Jack Hayford rejecting Pentecostal beliefs, but I have to say that you couldn’t be more wrong. Jack Hayford is a Foursquare pastor, as I am, and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that he fully embraces and teaches Pentecostal doctrine.