Moving West

If you have not yet heard, I have been offered a teaching position at Horizon College and Seminary in Saskatchewan. We will be moving out to Saskatoon in June, so we are busy getting ready. They announced it at the EBC grad on Saturday. I was hoping to know my fate before exams so I could tell all the students, but I didn’t find out until last Tues.

Have a great summer and I wish you God’s blessing! (Num 6:24-26)

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5 thoughts on “Moving West

  1. Hi Andrew;

    Have been thinking about you and hoping that you are settling into your new surroundings. All the very best to you and your family as y’all embark upon this new adventure.

    Peace and grace,

  2. Well, I definitely DON’T want to read your (whole) thesis some time. BUT I sure will miss you! And here I studies the second term of NT Greek all alone while in a bamboo hut in Ecuador, and now in Cambridge, so as to be ready for Greek Exegesis. I AM registered so I have to go through with it. But …well…I think you have a gift for teaching . And EBC sure has lost out…not to mention me!!

  3. Hello from Israel Andrew… quick question for you as I am in the middle of a debate…. what evidence is there to support that Luke was a Greek Gentile?