Possible Book Topics

I’m thinking about writing a book called “Things People in North America Don’t Want to Hear” or “Things Christians Pretend Don’t Matter.” Here are the potential chapters/topics I was thinking about covering:

  • We are supposed to look after our bodies
  • Life if not all about you
  • People Die because of your Greed
  • Don’t Buy so much Stuff
  • Everyone is not going to heaven
  • Your TV is killing your morals

Does anyone have any other ideas of topics that should be covered for a book like this?

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4 thoughts on “Possible Book Topics

  1. People Die because of your Greed (subtitled:You’re filthy rich too!)
    Don’t Buy so much Stuff (subtitled: Don’t buy MOST of the stuff you buy – it’s not worth it and you don’t need it)
    Everyone is not going to heaven (subtitled: Do you know what heaven is?)
    Your TV is killing your morals (subtitled: And is also turning you into mindless drones, stealing your time, degrading your mind, making your relationships shallow and a whole other set of very negative things)
    Life is hard (subtitled: and running away from this makes others lives harder)

  2. How about YES God cares about how you spend your time, money and your behaviour EVEN IF it doesnt affect your relationship with him…

  3. a chapter on taking life more seriously, entitled something like “You Have Way Too Much Fun: Less Rockband and More Learning, Ministering, Studying, Listening, etc.”

    …something like that…

  4. The Meeting House is doing a series similar to this right now called “Get Over Yourself: Rebelling Against The Culture of Narcissism”
    They are covering:
    Self-Esteem: The Culture of Me
    Technology: The Culture of i
    Appearance: The Culture of Hot
    Materialism: The Culture of Mine
    Entitlement: The Culture of Being Special
    Religion & Spirituality: The Culture of Belief