4 Lessons from Worship in Liturgical Churches

I was away from home this past weekend so I took the opportunity to attend two historic and liturgical churches. One of them was very traditional, while the other church was a little more contemporary, even including a familiar Chris Tomlin song in their worship. As I participated in the liturgies of these services, I […]

New Article and Reviews of my Book: The Lord is the Spirit

I have a new article out in the Canadian Journal of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity (vol. 5.1, 2014) entitled: “The Spirit and the Doctrine of God: On Gendered Language, Violence, and the Trinity and Philosophy” (pages 81-87). My article is a response to three essays (in the same volume of CJPCC) that review my book The Lord is the […]

Two of My Books Now Available on Googlebooks and as E-books

When the first two books below were first published they were not available as e-books or on Googlebooks, so I’m happy to see them now more readily available in those places for those who use those resources. For those who aren’t familiar with Googlebooks, this page allows users a limited viewing (that is, you can’t […]

Theology in Worship and Music: Please Think About What We Sing

theology in worship

Some people think of theology as dry. However, theology is found in anything that expresses our ideas of God and all things in relation to God. Hence, theology is found not only in textbooks—it is also found in places like art and music. With respect to worship and music specifically, it is important for us […]

Book Review: “Mapping Modern Theology: A Thematic and Historical Introduction,” edited by Kelly Kapic and Bruce McCormack

MAPPING MODERN THEOLOGY: A THEMATIC AND HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION, edited by Kelly M. Kapic and Bruce L. McCormack (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2012). x + 421pp. $25 paperback. Most books on contemporary theology trace key themes in theology or focus on the contributions of influential theologians. While these approaches are helpful, it can be easy to miss […]

My new book publication: Barth’s Doctrine of Creation

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my next book: Gabriel, Andrew K. Barth’s Doctrine of Creation: Creation, Nature, Jesus, and the Trinity. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2014. On the Amazon USA site, you can view the table of contents, cover, and inside the book here. For those not in the USA, the book is also available […]

Book Review: “Forsaken: The Trinity and the Cross, and Why it Matters” by Thomas H. McCall

FORSAKEN: THE TRINITY AND THE CROSS, AND WHY IT MATTERS. By Thomas H. McCall. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2012. Pp. 171. $20.00. McCall’s primary concern is to critique the teaching (of Moltmann, but also many who follow him) that at the death of Christ there was a rupture in the Trinity. McCall argues that […]