History of the PAOC Statement of Faith

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) is in a process of reviewing and refreshing its Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths (SOFET). You can find a copy of the most recent, 2014, statement here. The PAOC’s SOFET has seen many changes. Some of these changes reflect reaffirmations of previous beliefs, while some reflect changing beliefs […]

Where to Read Theology Online

On a couple occasions I’ve been asked about where one might read good theology online. Roger Olson’s Blog: This is the (only)  blog that I read most regularly. He is an evangelical Baptist, a former Pentecostal, and a significant voice for Arminian theology in the evangelical world. He writes on theological topics like, John Piper’s Christian Hedonism, […]

Days of Elijah? What Does that Song Mean?

On the odd occasion my theology class discusses the theology of worship songs. Yesterday a student asked me about the song Days of Elijah, wondering if it seemed to be okay theologically since one church objected to him singing the song. I imagine many people have wondered about this, but even more so what on […]

Theology in Worship and Music: Please Think About What We Sing

Some people think of theology as dry. However, theology is found in anything that expresses our ideas of God and all things in relation to God. Hence, theology is found not only in textbooks—it is also found in places like art and music. With respect to worship and music specifically, it is important for us […]