Update: Recent Publication Available Online

Update to my previous post. The following publication is now available to read online at googlebooks (it’s free!). Andrew Gabriel. “Pneumatological Insights for the Attributes of the Divine Loving,” in Third Article Theology: A Pneumatological Dogmatics, edited by Myk Habets, 39-53. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Academic, 2016.

Theology in Worship and Music: Please Think About What We Sing

Some people think of theology as dry. However, theology is found in anything that expresses our ideas of God and all things in relation to God. Hence, theology is found not only in textbooks—it is also found in places like art and music. With respect to worship and music specifically, it is important for us […]

My new book publication: Barth’s Doctrine of Creation

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my next book: Gabriel, Andrew K. Barth’s Doctrine of Creation: Creation, Nature, Jesus, and the Trinity. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2014. On the Amazon USA site, you can view the table of contents, cover, and inside the book here. For those not in the USA, the book is also available […]

Church in the Power of the Spirit

Reflections from a journal article (see below for full information): 1/ The church should be a “fellowship in the Spirit” (p. 156ff.). This means that the church is not just gathered together by the Spirit (a fellowship created by the Spirit), but that, “In the Pentecostal model of church, the key and defining thing is […]