PAOC Credential Holders with Doctorates (or in progress)

I have been tasked with compiling a list of all PAOC credential holders who are either in possession of or working toward a Doctorate in some area theology related (e.g., ministry, Bible, religion, history, sociology). This may include YOU! Please pass the link to this web page on to people that you know. If you have credentials from the PANOL, I would be glad to hear from you too.

I am looking for the following information (or whatever you are comfortable providing):

  • Name
  • Degree, institution, and convocation year (or in progress)
  • General area of study (e.g. NT, Systematic Theology)
  • Primary areas of expertise (e.g., Pneumatology, Reformation history)
  • Dissertation title
  • Current placement (e.g., church, school)
  • Contact information

You can either post your information below as a comment on this blog or e-mail me your information at agabriel(at) I would prefer that you NOT e-mail me your full CV. Rather, please just send me the information as listed above so I can easily copy and paste it into my database.


Again, please pass the link to this web page on to people that you know.

To get the party started, I will start off with my information below…

If you enter an email address, it will not be published. Please keep your comments kind and relevant to the post.

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26 thoughts on “PAOC Credential Holders with Doctorates (or in progress)

  1. Andrew Gabriel
    Ph.D., McMaster Divinity College, 2010.
    General area of study: Systematic Theology
    Primary areas of expertise: Pneumatology, Trinity, Attributes of God, Pentecostal Theology
    Dissertation title: A Pneumatological Vision of God: The Holy Spirit and Classical Theism’s Doctrine of the Divine Attributes.
    Assistant Prof Theology, Horizon College and Seminary

  2. Adam Stewart
    PhD, University of Waterloo, 2012
    General area of study: Religious Studies
    Primary areas of expertise: Sociology of Religion; Qualitative Research Methodology; Congregational Studies; Religious Diversity in North America; Canadian Pentecostalism; History of Christianity.
    Dissertation title: Quenching the Spirit: The Transformation of Religious Identity and Experience in Three Canadian Pentecostal Churches.

    • – James Richards
      – D. Min.- Trinity Evangelical Divinity School- 1989
      – Communications
      – Application of Homileticsal Techniques for Church Small Groups
      – Pentecostal Financial Services Group, Executive Director

  3. Richard Burton
    D.Min Fuller School of Theology
    General Area of Study: Practical Theology
    Areas of Expertise: Christology, Pneumatology
    Dissertation: An Ecclesiology for Effective Ministry at Calvary Pentecostal Church in the Twenty First Century

  4. Randall Holm
    PhD Laval University, 1996
    General area of study: Theology
    areas of expertise: Biblical Theology, Canadian Pentecostalism, Judaic Studies, New Testament
    Dissertation: A Paradigmatic Analysis of Authority Within Pentecostalism
    Currently Teaching: Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Providence University College

  5. Bradley Truman Noel
    ThD University of South Africa, 2008
    DMin Acadia University, c2014
    General Area of Study: Practical Theology
    Areas of Expertise: Pneumatology, Hermeneutics, Postmodernity, Youth Culture
    Dissertation: Pentecostal and Postmodern Hermeneutics – Comparison and Contemporary Impact

  6. Jeromey Martini
    PhD, University of Edinburgh
    General Area of Study: New Testament and Christian Origins
    Areas of Expertise: Paul, Second Temple Judaism
    Dissertation: “Anthropology, Eschatology, and Ethics in 1 Corinthians”

  7. Jonathan Bersot
    PhD Candidate, University of Montreal (should be finished in 2013)
    General area of study: Bible Studies
    Areas of Expertise: Exegesis, New Testament, Luke and Acts, Narrative Criticism
    Dissertation: The characterization of «Jesus the Living one» in the narrative of Acts

  8. Shane Simms
    Pentecostal Assembies of Newfoundland and Labrador
    D.Min–Tyndale University College and Seminary, 2012
    General Area of Study: Christian Leadership
    Areas of Expertise: Missional Church Models, Missiology, Family Systems Theory, Congregational Studies.
    Dissertation: Moving Forward in Mission-Introducing Missional Life to a Rural Newfoundland and Labrador Pentecostal Church Through Shared Narratives and Missional Experiments

  9. Allison S. MacGregor
    PhD (in progress), Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, 2016/17
    General Area of Study: Systematic Theology
    Areas of Expertise: Pentecostal Theology, Pneumatology, Pentecostal History, Pentecostal Dialogue

    • Van Johnson
      ThD, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto
      Thesis: The Development of Sheol
      Expertise: NT Studies, Second Temple Judaism, Pentecostalism
      Position: Dean, Master’s Pentecostal Seminary, Toronto; Pastor, Agincourt Pentecostal Church; Adjunct in NT, Tyndale Seminary

  10. Josh Samuel
    PhD (Candidate), McMaster Divinity College (hoping to graduate in 2013)
    General Area of Study: Theology
    Primary Areas of Expertise: Pentecostal history and theology; the Great Awakenings, Worship, Homiletics,
    Dissertation focus: Pentecostal theology of worship

  11. Jeff Beck
    DMin, 2002 from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Trinity International University)
    General area of study: Practical Theology
    Primary areas of expertise: OT and Spiritual Gifts
    Current placement: Lead Pastor, Delta Church (Delta, B.C.)
    Contact information:

  12. Name: Wilf Hildebrandt
    Degree: D.Th., University of South Africa, 2004
    General area of study (OT Theology)
    Primary areas of expertise (Missiology; OT Theology; NT)
    Dissertation title: The Cessation of Prophecy in the Old Testament
    Current placement: Dean of Education, Summit Pacific College
    Contact information:

  13. Dave Demchuk
    D.Min Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
    Dissertation – The Design and Implementation of a Volunteer Ministry Program
    Primary Areas of Expertise/Teaching – Leadership, Practical Theology, Pauline Pneumatology, NT Greek, Pentecostal History.
    President, Summit Pacific College

  14. Charles A. Coats
    D.Min Northwest Graduate School/Ministry
    Dissertation: Jesus Before His Birth and After His Death
    Expertise: Apologetics, Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics
    Teaching Experience: Northwest College/University, Seattle; AGTS; Summit Pacific College

  15. David B. Milley
    Pentecostal Assemblies Of Newfoundland And Labrador
    D.Min Providence Theological Seminary
    Dissertation: A Study Of The Pentecostal Assemblies Of Newfoundland’s Message Of seperation
    General Area Of Study: Church Leadership

  16. Gibson, Graham
    PhD (in progress), Wilfrid Laurier University, hopefully by Fall 2012
    General area of study: Religious Studies, Religion & Culture
    Primary areas of expertise: Anthropology of Religion, World & Folk Religions, Aboriginal Religions, Cross-Cultural Studies, Evangelism, Missions, Ethics
    Dissertation title: Dancing in the Fire: Aboriginal Pentecostalism in Northern Ontario and Manitoba Camp Meetings
    Current placement: Full-Time Faculty, Master’s College & Seminary
    Contact information:

  17. Name: David Courey
    Degree: Ph.D. McMaster Divinity College, 2011
    General Area of Study: Theology
    Primary Areas: Luther Studies, 19th Century North American Religious History, Pentecostal Theology
    Dissertation title: What Has Wittenberg to Do with Azusa? : Luther’s Theology of The Cross and Pentecostal Triumphalism
    Current placement: Pastor, Calvary Pentecostal Assembly, Cambridge, ON
    Contact information:

  18. Name:John A. Bertone
    Degree: Ph.D., University of St. Michael’s College (University of Toronto)
    General Area of Study: New Testament, New Testamet Theology
    Primary Areas: Pauline Literature- Pneumatology, Law, Hermeneutics
    Dissertation Title: “The Law of the Spirit”: The Experience of the Spirit and Displacement of the Law in Romans 8:1-16 (Published with Peter Lang)
    Contact Information:

  19. D.Min through Trinity Western University
    General area of study: Church Ministry
    Theme of dissertation: Intimacy in Pentecostal worship
    Currently English Ministries pastor Calgary Chinese Pentecostal Church

  20. Hello
    I am Gerry Tonn lead pastor of Cedarview Church in Paris Ontario. In 2015 I completed my Doctor of Ministry Degree in Leadership from Tyndale College and Seminary. The theme of my dissertation was Using Appreciative Inquiry and Focused Sermons to Move Congregational Members of Cedarview Church in Paris Ontario to Develop Friendships with
    Non-Christian Neighbour.
    Gerry Tonn